Our Facilities

Boarding Facilities

The school is a compulsory boarding school with all boarding facilities available. There are six hostels within the dormitory complex. These are :

  • St. Mulumba House
  • St. Peter House
  • St. Paul House
  • St. Joseph House
  • St. John House
  • All saints House

Classroom Complex

There are nine classroom blocks housing thirty separate classrooms. Each classroom is spacious and stocked with enough seats to accommodate forty students comfortably.


  • Biology Laboratory
  • Agricultural science laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Basic technology Laboratory

Utility, Transport Facilities and School Clinic

  • Regular supply of water from deep seated boreholes
  • Electricity supply is constant form public electricity supply, supplemented by the school's stand-by generators. There is a water tanker for emergency situations.
  • School buses are available to ease movement of staff and students
  • Staff quarters are available within the school premises
  • A standard Sick Bay to carter for health challenges of staff and students. There are qualified heath workers to attend to sick members in the school.


There are many sporting facilities for

  • Handball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Facilities for track and field events
  • In-door games