Our History

St. Andrew's History Picture

St. Andrew's Secondary School, Adikpo, was established in February in 1967, about six years after the attainment of Nigerian independence in 1960. The year 1967 was a turning point in the history of Nigeria. By the end of 1966, political instability in the country accentuated by coups d'etat had already dragged the country to the brink of civil war. The war actually started in January 1967 at Obudu town in today's Cross River State, not far from Adikpo. This development brought about a state of insecurity in the whole area including part of Tiv land near the war Zone. This was the time and the circumstance in which St. Andrew's Secondary School was established. The school was founded by the Catholic Doicese of Makurdi. Today it is under the ownership and Control of Gboko Dioceses. A Catholic Clergyman, Rev. Fr. Herbert Noonan was sent to Adikpo to set up the basic structures and start the school. In February 1967, without a single structure on ground, St. Andrew's Secondary School Adikpo was born with an initial student's enrolment of thirty six.

Rev. Fr. Noonan became the first teacher and the first principal of the newly established school. The St. Ann's Parish garage was converted to a classroom where students received lessons. At the initial stage, the curriculum was very limited. Fr. Noonan introduced and taught English Language, Literature in English and Religious Instruction. The desire to expose the pioneer students to science education led to serious search for a science teacher. Mr. Daniel V. Uza (now a professor of Veterinary Medicine) was employed to teach science subjects. Fr. Noonan and Professor Uza were the first two teachers of the school. While Fr. Noonan combined teaching with administrative work, Professor Uza was a Class Teacher, Games Master and Labor Master. Mr. Raphael I. Uchi was later employed as a class teacher.

Other people that later added to the staff list of St. Andew's Secondary School were Joseph Aper, Innocent Akura, Innocent S. Ukeli, David Gbande and J. H. Anenda. By the time the pioneer students were graduating in 1971, Mr. C. Ashar Igumgu, Tyoker Abayol and Mathew V. Akpo had added to the staff strength of the school. Many of these teachers including Fr. Noonan have gone to the great beyond and we continually remember them in spirit and pray the Almighty God to welcome them into eternity.

St. Andrew's Secondary School started as a day school. It is significant to note that the school started on a temporary site within the premises of St. Ann's Catholic Church, Adikpo. As soon as the newly established school began to settle down for serious academic work, a group of military officers arrived in Adikpo in readiness for the Nigerian civil war. Due to the proximity of Adikpo to Obudu town which was the theatre of the civil war at the initial stage, it became necessary to relocate the school for security reasons. Consequently, St. Andrew's Secondary School, Adikpo was transferred to Gboko to share Premises with St. John's Primary School in 1968. The school was brought back to Adikpo to its permanent site where it has remained till today. Fr. Noonan continued to steer the affairs of the school throughout the period of the civil war. He left the school in Mid-1970 at about the same time the war also was coming to an end. Mr. Innocent Uchi succeeded Fr. Noonan to the end of 1970 in acting capacity. The pioneer students of St. Andrew's Secondary school, Adikpo graduated in December, 1971. A total of twenty seven students out of initial intake of thirty six, successfully graduated in 1971 with Jacob I. Ortese as the first graduated Head Boy.